Finally, a step-by-step system for Mortgage Pros who want to…

Have A Highly Profitable Mortgage Career Without Wasting Money, Struggling With Unknowns, Or Working INSANE Hours!

Generate More Leads

Get the step-by-step strategy for generating qualified leads using proven copy and paste marketing campaigns!

Build Your Rockstar Team

Discover the business plan and strategy that will allow you to build the business and high producing team of your dreams.

Scale With Technology

Make more money and get more of your time back! Leverage automation and technology to grow your business.

Dear Mortgage Professional,

It's no secret that the mortgage industry is broken. With more and more loan officers and branch managers reporting work weeks in excess of 60-70 hours, new business drying up, referral partners working with other lenders, and an increasing level of unhappiness -- isn't enough enough?

Aren't you ready to stop worrying about where your next loan is going to come from? 

Aren't you ready to stop spending so much time at the office or on the phone, and spend a little more time with the people that you love most?

Aren't you ready to finally get out of the transaction treadmill and actually start making real progress, have more success, and, ultimately, make more money than ever?

If you answered 'yes' to any one of those questions, let me introduce you to Mortgage Success Academy.

How It All Works

What is Mortgage Success Academy?

Mortgage Success Academy was born out of the Next Level Loan Officers 1-on-1 Coaching business.

By looking at the key attributes that our coaches (all in different parts of the country, working for different companies) have in common... we dialed in exactly what has helped us become top producers AND, more importantly, what key attributes those loan officers who are struggling have in common...

… and we boiled it down to 8 key issues.

Origination Confusion

Most loan officers don't know where to start in building their business, much less how to scale.

Referral Misalignment

Most loan officers work with real estate agents who look at us as a cash machines, not as a partners.

Technology Challenged

 Most loan officers don't leverage technology or automation, so are stuck on the 12+ hour a day treadmill.

Underdeveloped Skills

They received little to no training before being thrown to the wolves.

Disorganized Overwhelm

Most loan officers unintentionally mismanage their time and don’t know what to focus on or when to say no.

One-Person Show

Most loan officers do everything themselves and don't know when (or how) to build a team.

Marketing Denial

Most loan officers do not have, or don't leverage, independent organic or paid marketing to fill their pipeline.

No Mentorship

Most loan officers won't connect with top producers as mentors, because the top producers don't have time themselves!

Most MLO’s and Branch Managers can still have highly profitable careers and be super successful with one or two of those key elements out of whack.

But, if you are suffering from most (or all)... it’s an uphill struggle.

Every. Single. Day.


We know what it's like to go into the office every single day, worried about where your next deal is going to come from, hammering through phone calls, and crossing your fingers just hoping something closes this month.

That's why we created Mortgage Success Academy, and that's why I highly urge you to become a member.

As a member you get unlimited access to over 150+ training videos, dozens of swipe-and-deploy/copy-and-paste marketing campaigns, strategies, & tactics, full recruiting, hiring, & training resources, and a whole lot more!

We've broken it all down, going from average loan officer to Top Producer, into 12 simple steps.

Step #1: Shifting Your Trajectory

Slam on the brakes! As we all know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Take control of your day with proven methods, strategies, and tactics to get more productivity out of your day. Learn exactly what the Top Producers do every single day that will help you earn more money and have more free time.

Step #2: Ramping Up Your Business

Now that you have Top Producing strategies and tactics in your tool belt, we're giving you. the step-by-step blueprint of how to generate more traffic, get more leads who actually want to work with you, and implement the systems to start closing more loans faster and with less effort!

Step #3: The Main Thing

Now that you're producing more business, you need to develop the right mindset to get you through the day. Learn how to delegate, who should be doing what, and how to build your inner strength and willpower to become the loan officer, branch manager, leader, spouse, and parent that you've always wanted to be.

Step #4: Owning Your Database

Have a database full of past, potential, and future business? Learn the exact steps that our resident database marketing master has used to drum up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business from "dead" lists. Don't have a database? We'll show you the easy formula for starting to build your personal list using marketing strategies that are low cost/no cost!

Step #5: Becoming A Champion

It's time to take control of your day. Learn how Top 1% Originators methodically plan their day to cultivate success in themselves, their teams, and be more present during family time. These are the ultimate strategies for getting back your time so you can spend it with the ones you love most.

Step #6: Leveraging Automation

Create an even wider divide between you and your competition by installing technology and automation that will deliver five-star customer support, referral partner support, and marketing campaigns that bubble up leads on autopilot!

Step #7: Conquering Social Media

The ultimate treasure trove of low cost lead generation, our Social Media Expert gives you the same formula that he uses to generate dozens of leads a week absolutely free. Plus, get your hands on the exact same funnels he is using.

Step #8: Top Producing Strategies

Want to play with the 'big boys'? We show you how you can outwit, outmatch, and outlast your competition with a specific set of strategies and campaigns that will have you scaling the top producer ladder in no time!

Step #9: Building Your All-Star Team

Now that you're closing more loans than you ever dreamed possible, we're giving you the exact hiring and recruiting ads, funnels, job descriptions, and training guides that we've used to build our teams all across the country. Discover who to hire, who to fire, and how your team should be compensated. 

Step #10: Supercharge Your Day

Productivity and time management are central skills that are required to effectively scale your business, close more loans, and be able to take vacations without being chained to your phone the whole time. We give you carbon copies of every system and process we've developed so you can step out of all of the activities that aren't driving revenue. 

Step #11: Making It To The Summit

Stop spending time on tasks that don't make you money. This step is all about becoming a lean, mean, money making machine! We drawback the curtain on our own businesses so you can see exactly what we're doing every single day. Without fail, this is the highest rated step of the entire program!

Step #12: Becoming A Top Originator

Business slowing down? Market changing? Interest rates going up? Don't let the excuses other MLOs give let you plateau or, even worse, start losing market share. We unpack advanced strategies and tactics that will have homebuyers and REALTORS® knocking down your door to do business with you.

Ready To Take Your Mortgage Business To The Next Level With Mortgage Success Academy?

MSA is the only self-paced online training platform built specifically for MLO's who want to become Top Originators!

Regardless of where you're at in your business, Mortgage Success Academy will help you...

Leverage your time…

So you can get more done with less time, effort and energy.

Create more deals…

So you can make more money with what you’ve already got.

Generate quality leads from referral partners that value you and actually want to do business with you…

So you can stop devaluing yourself and start feeling like a professional again.

Build a predictable pipeline of business so you can get off the mortgage roller coaster…

So you can stop spending half the month (or more) worrying about where your next deal is going to come from.

Implement branding and marketing tactics developed by multi-million dollar corporations...

So you can stand out from the rest of your competition and increase your longevity in the market by building your own brand and business.

And much, much more!

All from the comfort of your own home with videos, trainings, templates, swipe files, strategies, and tactics that are created, tested, and proven out in the trenches of the mortgage industry all across the country.

But You Don't Have To Take Our Word For It...

"The coaches are top producers and it’s something they do on a daily basis! Being able to reach out to the coaches in the middle of the day to get live feedback is HUGE."

Amit Ghandi
Loan Originator | U.S. BANK

"Joining Next Level really had to do with the people that are here, the coaches that are here, the philosophy they have… these guys are the real deal!"

Nancy Baier
Sr Mortgage Loan Originator | CORNERSTONE HOME LENDING

"I’m about to break one of my milestones as far as profit goes by the end of this month. This has definitely been beneficial!"

Blake Harbin

"What’s awesome about this group is that the coaches are in the trenches with you. They’re doing this stuff day-in and day-out, just like we are trying to do."

Brandon Snider

"I saw Next Level coaching as a huge opportunity to learn from coaches that is more industry specific… to be with a group of a guys that are doing the same thing I’m doing… is a huge opportunity for me to learn from."

Wesley Wyrick

Become A Member Of Mortgage Success Academy

Plus, as an added bonus, you'll also get...

Free Access To Our Tactical Library 'The Vault'

The best loan officers and branch managers know how to scale their businesses with technology, that's why we've compiled the best tech, mindset, and growth trainings we've ever done into 'The Vault' -- you're one stop shop for tactically growing and scaling your business!

Value $997

Free Access To 'Mortgage Selling Secrets'

Struggling to compete with cut-rate mortgage behemoths who consistently overpromise and underdeliver? We'll show you the exact tactics and strategies we're using in our businesses to not only survive, but thrive in today's marketplace. 

Value $997

Free Access To Our Live Training 'Next Level Live'

Let us walk you through a day in the life of a top producing loan officer by eaves dropping on our live events from around the country. Listen in to Q&A sessions, Top Producers' Panel, and follow along with the slide decks. 4 cities, 8 days, hours of videos at your fingertips!

Value $497

Live Weekly Top Producer Tactics Calls

Top producing loan officers and branch managers start their weeks powerfully with like-minded individuals. Join the best in the industry on these weekly calls to get in the right headspace to take on your week like a warrior!

Value $297

Live Monthly “Unstuck” Video Q&A Calls

To be a top producer, you need to break bread with other top producers. Join us each month for a no-holds-barred conversation with other highly successful loan officers and branch managers where we'll answer every question you have.

Value $297

Exclusive Access To Our Private Community

Get 24/7 Access to our private community of highly successful mortgage professionals and get unparalleled access to marketing, sales, leadership, and technology tactics and strategies used across the country!

Value $997

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our training program is proven with hundreds of MLOs and Branch Managers reaching new heights in their businesses. We are serious about our program and want you to be serious, too. Therefore, as long as you do the work and show that you made an effort, we will refund your 100% money if you are not happy with the program within 14 days of purchase.

Who Are The Next Level Loan Officers?

Mortgage Success Academy is taught by the coaches of the Next Level Loan Officers, a mortgage coaching and training organization that is spearheaded by its five co-founders, mortgage industry experts and leaders who are in the trenches and originate loans daily.

Kellen Vaughan

Since his first foray into the mortgage business in 2012, Kellen has grown his business into 5 states with over 30 loan officers and staff that he oversees daily. His passion for building systems and processes that make the operation perform at its highest level while delivering a superior experience to the clients as lead to his astronomical growth.

Because of the coaches and mentors that helped Kellen along the way, his greatest passion has been giving back to mortgage community by helping loan officers who struggle building their teams, have trouble with time management, and taking their business to the next level.

Kellen currently resides in Keller, Texas with his wife Ellen and three young sons.

Kenneth Travis

It’s been an amazing ride. What have I learned so far. . . without my family it means nothing. Support systems are everything. Integrity is everything. Running a successful mortgage branch is hard, but very rewarding. If you don’t change you die. Never stop moving, even when things are really messed up and failure looks very possible. There’s always a way forward. Many times, the best way forward is to ask for help from someone that has already been there. I have been there.

Helping others reach success in the mortgage business is one of my greatest achievements. As a top producer, nationally recognized originator and manager, my greatest wins are in developing the talents of others. Helping them find their way to more freedom, closing more loans without working nights and weekends and mapping out the path financial freedom.

When not conquering the mortgage world, you will find me hanging with the wife, taking my boys to ball practice, driving my tractor around the farm, working in my big garden, fishing, and vacations around the world.

Sean Zalmanoff

Sean’s mission through coaching loan officers is to help them achieve a work-life balance in an industry that has lied to them and told them they need to be on call 24/7. By deploying his systems and strategies, he’s helped LOs and branch managers build a better work environment, more support, and better systems while installing the technology to achieve it all.

When not leading his mortgage business or coaching loan officers, Sean is an active real estate investor who owns both commercial and residential property, as well as flips homes. During his down time, Sean enjoys being in the outdoors with his wife and two sons. As an avid baseball fan, Sean loves making memories with his family in the stands, rooting for the home team, the St. Louis Cardinals!

Shane Kidwell

After taking a huge gamble and retiring early from being a professional fireman, thus forgoing his pension, Shane moved forward with one of the most daunting tasks he could ever imagine — sacrificing job security to attain another dream: becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

But, Shane quickly found out that his life as a fireman bled into everything he did. Taking the skills he learned on the job, Shane was able to translate that mindset and work ethic into the mortgage industry.

Shane now manages and oversees a team of 25+ individuals in 3 states (and growing!), focusing on creating a 10 experience at all times; for his referral partners, clients and team members. 

Shane has been selected as a Redfin Recommended Lender for six consecutive years, 5- Star Mortgage Professional for six consecutive years, Top Agent Magazine Featured Lender in 2016, 2016/17 Presidents Club Winner, and 2016/17 Top 1% Mortgage Originator!

Darren Copeland

Darren has been in the mortgage business for 15 years and included in an exclusive group of LOs as the Top 1% of all Mortgage Originators for the past 7 consecutive years.

Stepping up to the plate as a mortgage coach in 2013, Darren knocks it out of the park for his clients every day by helping them build rockstar teams, focus on the right things in the right order, dialing in the dollar-productive activities that they enjoy, and helping loan officers find a better way.

As an intense baseball fan, when not leading his mortgage team or coaching loan officers, you can find Darren, his wife, Liz (a.k.a. Chili Pepper), and son, Drew, together in the stands cheering on their home team, the KC Royals.

Ready To Become A Top 1% Originator? Join MSA!

Frequently Asked Questions

That's a fantastic question. Mortgage Success Academy is a program that is extremely different than the other program online.

I know this because I have purchased almost every single program on the market! We’ve made this program 100% beginner friendly. The fact is that we’ve been able to help MLO’s starting from scratch with zero background in the mortgage industry, all the way to branches doing hundreds of deals every year.

The bottom line is, if you are a complete beginner, this course is for you. If you're experienced, this course is also for you, too!

If you're wondering if this program will work, the total and complete answer is YES. We have a track record to prove that, and our results speak for themselves. If you're still skeptical, we have a 100% money back guarantee. Simply try the program out, follow the steps and if you're not satisfied you will get a 100% refund

When you join Marketing Success Academy, you are 100% covered and protected by our 14-day money back guarantee.

Here's how it works. This program shows you a step-by-step blueprint to growing your mortgage business. 

This program gets results, and if you don't get results, you get refunded. Simple as that. There is absolutely no risk to you; all the risk is on our shoulders. I'm that confident in this program that I'm willing to offer you this guarantee.

What are the conditions for the money back guarantee? Very simple. All I ask is that you actually complete the program. Meaning you go through all the modules, you post in the group and ask a few questions if you're having trouble and you reach out if you're struggling. If you do those things and still don't get results, we will give you a 100% full refund guaranteed as long as you request it within 14 days of the purchase. Even if it's 13 days 23 hours and 59 minutes. You will get a refund.

Like I said, this is risk-free, and the only possible way you can lose is by not giving it a shot.

With your membership you get access to the full Mortgage Success Academy product and all of the bonuses: the live weekly championship mindset call, the live monthly "unstuck" video Q&A call, exclusive access to the Next Level Loan Officers Private Community, and Premiere Access to ALL Next Level events.

Mortgage Success Academy is evolving every month, with more content added or updated as the market changes. Right now there are over 150+ different training videos, campaigns, templates, and downloads.

Absolutely and unequivocally no. Your $197 per month membership fee gives you complete access to the course.

As a Mortgage Success Academy member, your subscription is good for the first 30-days following your payment.

We completely understand because we’ve had that same experience with other courses as well. Here's why this one is different.

Most courses are created by people that had a very brief success (or sometimes no success at all) in the subject they are teaching.

They are typically not taught by top experts that have used a method over and over and seen results with it consistently.

They also aren't taught by people that have passed this information on to others and had hundreds of success stories using the same exact method.

Also, most courses go out of date regularly. Here are two reasons why this course never goes out of date: we constantly update the course, and that's the most obvious reason.

Second, along with teaching tactics that are working right now (and are being updated constantly), we’re teaching you strategies that are everlasting and can be adapted to fit any market at any time.


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